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In the very near future we will all see an increasing amount of:

police surveillance
humiliation at our airports
more Patriot Act type legislation
gun confiscation (knock and talk)
civil liberty abuses
false flag terrorism
state sponsored terrorism
terrorism from Muslim extremists
food shortages
water theft (privatization)
perpetual war
War with Iran
taser tags
snitching by our fellow citizens
militarization of our local police
RFID Chips
National ID Cards
More Loss of Jobs
failing economies
end of oil
more corporate scandal
destruction of the middle class
government bankruptcy
black box voting / voter fraud
martial law
policing by private thugs (ala Blackwater)
media propagated FEAR, FEAR, FEAR!!!

Here are some of the people brave enough to
speak out:

Naomi Wolf
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
Kurt Nimo
Alex Jones
David Icke
Douglas Casey
Mark Crispin Miller
Thom Hartmann
Pat Buchanan
Ralph Nader
Lou Dobbs
Doug McIntyre
Paul Krugman
Paul Joesph Watson
Gore Vidal
Mickey Z
Congressman Ron Paul
Senator Russ Feingold
Keith Olberman
Dr. Stephen Jones
Webster Tarpley
Congressman Dennis Kucinich
Senator Bernie Sanders
Michael Panzner
Addison Wiggin
Bill Bonner
Alan Watt
Noam Chomsky
G. Edward Griffin
Arriana Huffington
Mike Malloy
Benjamin Barber
John Perkins
Amy Goodman
Chalmers Johnson
Chris Hedges
Naomi Klein
Michael C. Ruppert
Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed
Jame Howard Kuntsler

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